My own healing process awakened a passion to help others heal with the healing I’ve received back in 2005-06 following my own ‘catalytic event’.    I began my coaching journey  with study in conflict resolution and biblical peacemaking/reconciliation.  More recently I’ve studied with the Martha Beck Institute as well as Robbins Madanes Training in strategic intervention coaching.  That might sound fancy but it just means I’ve added lots of tools to my tool belt, so that I have more options to help you skillfully pick the lock to the shackles that are keeping you bound.    With each new concept that I learned and was set free from my own toxic thinking, I was inspired and excited and absolutely passionate to help others do the same.   Over the years people have reached out to me for assistance with conflict and anxiety, for encouragement, for my compassionate listening ear.   I have to admit, though I wanted to help, sometimes I just didn’t have the tools to help them break free and I found that incredibly frustrating.  The frustration turned to fascination and passion where I began my coaching education which will be a never ending journey because of my passion to help you.  The more tools I gain, the more equipped I am to help each unique soul who reaches out to request my help.  And as I have recently  introduced my coaching services to others, the response has been-‘Why not?  You have been coaching forever!’

If you find yourself  in freezing (deer-in-headlights), pleasing (the egg-shell dance), or flying (running-but not for exercise)  mode in the face of internal conflict (which might manifest as procrastination, anger, resentment, anxiety, eating-but because of true hunger) or external conflict (relationship issues-at work, with a spouse, friend, etc…), I invite you to contact me for a free strategy session to get clear on your goals and challenges to see if we would be a good fit to work together.  If you want more peace and joy in this one great life or if you feel like  you find yourself putting limits on what you can do with this one great life and want to do some work on conquering those limiting beliefs, contact me for a free 30 minute strategy session and we can together discover if we are a good coaching fit.

My coaching practice includes:

  • One on one individual coaching packages over the phone or via Skype with email support.
  • One on one ‘intensives’ either in person or over the phone (contact me for details)
  • Small group workshops in person or via conference call
  • Retreats
  • Weight loss Coaching

Because much of my coaching can be done over the phone; it doesn’t matter where you live, or where I am….schedule your time, grab a cup of coffee or tea or lemon water and let’s chat!

For more information or to get started, click Book An Appointment or Contact Me.